What is gastric bypass pose:

Is the latest way safe for the treatment of obesity without surgery


How to zoom out on the ministry:

Oral using System stomach Non-Surgical is the work of a number 8 stitches in the first part of the stomach responsible for the stretching of the stomach to accommodate eating and the number 4 stitch on the last part of the stomach responsible for the movement and that leads to eating less and feeling full for longer periods


How long does it take from the time?

40 minutes using the term in the hospital and the patient home the same day.


What is the rate of to lose weight?

Is to lose 56 % of excess weight throughout a year according to studies in America and Europe from 18-22 km during the first year and possible more or less due to the mass of the body of the patient and the extent of the commitment of the patient to healthy diet and exercise continuously follow-up with your doctor


Who are the patients candidates for this procedure?


  • From the age of 18 years
  • Body mass index BMI of 40-30 (the equivalent of margarine)


Is there a diet?

Yes, like all ways to lose weight, fluids for two weeks and then eat grinded for two weeks and then eating the natural


Are there any complications?

This procedure is very safe and may lead to pain in the throat and after the procedure, but wears off quick the patient must consult a doctor your complications


You can zoom out on the ministry more than once?

Yes possible if you increased the weight for any reason


Is it possible to unscrew the telescoping on Boz?

Yes if patient is possible unscrew the sink again in the first two weeks

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