What is POSE?

POSE is the latest & safe way to lose weight without surgery

How it is done?

A flexible endoscope is introduced through the mouth; with the aid of a suturing device 8 sutures are placed in the fundus to decrease the capacity of the fundus to accommodate less food & 4 sutures are placed in the antrum to slow the gastric emptying; this results in eating less & feel full for longer period

How long does it take?

Approximately 40 minutes using general anesthesia in the hospital and the patient return home on the same day

What is the average weight loss?

56% of excess body weight in 1 year according to the studies done in USA & Europe Some studies reported 18 – 22 kg in 1 year; can be more or less depending on BMI, diet, exercise & follow up

Who are the candidates for this procedure?

  • 18 years old and above
  • BMI 30- 40 (obesity)


Is there a specific diet?

Yes, like all other weight loss procedures, liquid diet for two weeks then semi-solid for another two weeks, regular diet thereafter

Are there any complications?

POSE is a very safe procedure, however pain in the throat and stomach after the procedure may occur and is managed by medications; the patient should consult their doctor about possible risks

Is it possible to redo this procedure?

Yes, it is possible if the patient regained his weight for any reason

Is it possible to remove it?

Yes, in the first two weeks if the patient wants to

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